We provide a variety of services including CAD design, CNC Machining, CMM certification and QA services.

Once RFQ data and drawings are received and quote accepted, we begin design as per engineer's specifications. When finished, design is emailed to engineer for approval and sign off.

Once material for job received, our engineers begin work on CAD file and preparing file for CNC toolpath. In the shop, gauge-makers will begin making datums and gauge pins. Various other details will also start to take form as well as preparing for blocking process. Base material is now CNC machined square and tooling holes are drilled to aid in both the building and certification process. The base is now blocked-up and set up in CNC to begin cutting process. Once job is cut, trimline is machined before job is removed from CNC. Gauge-makers drill location pin holes to insert precision ground hardened bushings, datums and clamps installed and various other feature of the gauge will now be attached.

Quality Inspection Control
Now that the build is complete, the gauge is checked and rechecked to ensure all details of the design are accurate. Once inspected, the gauge is shipped to J and K Measuring Services Inc. All of our inspection gauges are "third party certified" by J and K Measuring Services Inc. J and K Measuring Services Inc. is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025-2005 by Standards Council of Canada (SCC). J and K Measuring Services Inc. is recognized as an ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Testing Laboratory. They adhere to stringent criteria when checking our gauges for accuracy. They will inspect gauges as per design, data and GD&T.

Types of Fixtures
CMM positioning / holding fixtures
SPC fixtures
Attribute checking fixtures
Assembly checking fixtures
Welding fixtures & jigs
Sub Assembly
CMM Holding and Positioning
Inline Inspection
Welding fixtures and Jigs
Hand Apply
CNC work holding
We will build to your general or specific gauge and fixture specifications

Equipment List

Example of parts made:
Quality Control Inspection Gauges
Prototype gauge forms
Computer Designs for Each gauge

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